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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Your boyfriend may be pretty
good at keeping a secret in
which case it would get really
difficult to know when he is
going to propose to you. But
fortunately most guys are not
great at hiding their intentions,
and so it becomes quite obvious
to the girl that he is going to
propose way beforehand.
It’s quite helpful to be aware of
your boyfriend’s intentions so it
does not take you by surprise to
the point of leaving you
flabbergasted. It will also keep
you on your guard so you don’t
come off doing something that
totally spoils his plans.
Signs He Will Propose
Here are some signs that he is
planning to propose:
He Gets Inquisitive About Your
Ring Finger
If your boyfriend is planning to
propose marriage he would
most probably do it with a ring,
as is the norm. The last thing he
would want to do is get you a
ring which is too loose or too
tight. So if he’s practical he will
want to know your ring finger
size or at least try to get some
The chances are that he will try
to get your finger size quite
covertly. You might catch him
getting too friendly with your
ring finger trying to measure it
with his thumb. Some guys get a
little too obvious by asking the
girl to lend her ring for a while
on some pretext or the other.
He Gets Interested in Your
It’s only when a guy starts
thinking about marriage that he
starts taking a serious interest in
the girl’s family. He might want
to know how strict your father is
or about your brother. He might
throw in some indirect questions
about whether you would be
willing to marry a guy against
your family’s wishes and stuff
like that. He’s just making sure
you won’t do an about turn on
him if your family ends up
disapproving him; this is an
insecurity most guys have.
He Arranges a Date Well in
If he is looking to do something
special on the occasion of
proposing, he would have to do
some advance planning like
reservations at a classy
restaurant or some travel
arrangements. So he’s bound to
ask your availability for a date
well in advance to make sure he
doesn’t get his plans awry. This
is a good hint that he is planning
something special.
He Enquires About Your
No guy wants to be left holding
the towel after he has proposed.
Most guys are uncertain about
their girlfriend’s reaction even if
they’ve been in a long term
relationship. So he’s bound to
ask you if you are totally
committed to the relationship
before he plans on proposing, he
might not ask this directly
though. If you see him talking
about commitment and stability,
these are hints that he’ll soon be
proposing marriage.
He Keeps Talking About a
It’s quite natural for guys to
want to be on the safe side and
not shock their girlfriend
suddenly. So if he is planning on
proposing to you, he will start
throwing some indirect hints
hoping that you will be
intelligent enough to catch on to
it. The last thing he wants is for
you to be caught off guard. So if
he talks about a surprise he has
in store for you or if he acts all
excited about a date, then you
can take guess that he is
planning on proposing to you.
He’s All Dressed Up For a Date
If your boyfriend comes dressed
up for a date a lot more stylishly
than ever before it could be a
hint that he’s got something
special planned up. He’d want
you to remember the day and so
he will want to put on his best
He’s Preoccupied on Your Way
to the Date
If he’s going to propose to you,
he’ll be mentally rehearsing the
scene several times. He will want
to be sure of what he’ll say and
do while he proposes. Since this
would be a priority on his mind
he will come across as being
preoccupied, in an excited way,
while you guys drive to the date.
Girls are much better than guys
when it comes to keeping a
“surprise”. Most guys are just
open books and one can easily
read their intention. So if you
want to know if your boyfriend
is going to propose to you, just
look for anything out of context
in his behavior. With most guys
it’s too obvious.

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